Marketing and guests experience for boutique hotels.

Imagine a secret shopper meets a brand audit.

Brand consistency is one of the core elements of sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

An Online Brand Experience Audit shows where your digital presence is and isn’t working and where it’s not on-brand.

This analysis (I think that sounds better than audit) looks at more than SEO, website best practices, and social media. We analyzes emotion, and how each of your digital moments creates a customer experience and if that experience is the right one for your brand.

Price: online audit only starting at $350

In-person visit to your businesses - let’s chat (see below)

So, what are the next steps?

STEP 1 | First, we schedule a 10-15 minute call to make sure this is a good fit. It is $350 - you want to make sure! You can schedule this below. There is no charge for this call, no matter what you decide to do!

STEP 2 | We set a start date, and I send you an invoice (or you can pay by credit card) and a questionnaire.

STEP 3 | I’ll do your audit with a full brand consistency report on all areas of your digital footprint.

STEP 5 | I send you the report and we jump on the phone (or Zoom) to see if anything doesn’t make sense to you.

If you and I decide to do a full brand audit in person, that looks a little different.

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