Parties Are More Than Pretty Posts

Your events need to bring your brand to life and connect the dots in your customers’ heads.

Images from Pinterest

Images from Pinterest

Ahhhh. We have perfect our feeds, created our top nine, and always find the natural light. But what is a pretty picture if your guests aren't the most important part of the party? The same can be said for your business' social media posts.

This weekend, I am doing a talk at the Southeastern Designer Showhouse about this topic. Here are some of the highlights and takeaways. Now, at the presentation, we will also have cocktails, so that might be a bit more fun than reading here, but go pour yourself one and read on! (in a couple of weeks, I will add a video with some of the stories from the presentation.)

Create your next personal or company event so that it connects all the dots, showcases your style, and gives your guests something to talk about - and not just on social media.

| As business owners or hosts, we have a responsibility to our guests and our customers.

| Time is the most valuable thing that anyone can give us. What are we giving them in return?

| EVERYTHING you do is marketing, from the way you answer the phone to the chairs in your waiting area or lobby. Every single touchpoint is marketing.

| You bring your brand to life through touchpoints and customer experiences. Here is another post on touchpoints. You can also download a guide to help you figure out yours.

| Connecting the dots is one of the stepping stones to earning customer trust.

| Selling is empathy. It is understanding your customer’s wants and needs. Their emotions and their values.

| Emotion leads to action. How do you want them to feel? Inspire your guests.

| Facts Tell. Emotion Sells.

| Reverse-engineer the event. Ask yourself, what do you want them to say and do when it is over?

| Just like you can't really have a party without guests, you can't have a business without customers. Honor your responsibility to them.


Always remember to ask yourself these three things when planning your event (or creating any customer experience -

  1. How should they feel? (see chart for ideas)

  2. What do you want them to say and do?

  3. Have you connected the dots?

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