Women & Wisdom Party

For Galentine's Day or any day of the year. It was a party to say thank you, but the results were so unexpected.  

So, the term "Galentine's Day" was not even slightly on my radar until last week. And now of course, we see it all over the place. I was already planning on this post for early February 2108, and once I saw Galentine's Day, I decided this would be the perfect day.

Do you know what Galentine's Day is? (I had to look it up.) I thought it was on the 14th and was just a new name for when single females get together on Valentine's Day

Nope. A little more to it. (the "Gal” part is pretty cute, though.)


It is celebrated on Valentine's-eve (who knew?) and started as fiction in an episode of Parks and Recreation with the fabulous Amy Poehler. The idea was to celebrate female friendship in general; and you can read a lot more about the origins here. Anyway, it leads me into what the post was originally going to be about. 

I hosted a party many years ago that I called Women and Wisdom. I had gotten a divorce a year earlier and was planning to move to New York in a few months. 

Throughout that past year, so many women (and men, but mostly women) had carried me through. Before I moved away, I wanted to thank my many fabulous girlfriends.  

It was a beautiful party, but it was the people who created the magic and lasting gifts.


This post isn't really about the logistics of the party itself, but I will give just a few.

Obviously I sent a real invitation (and still do - try it!) and the guest list was DIVERSE. My work colleagues, my social friends, my hairdresser, my financial advisor, some family, even some of my ex-husband's family!

You can see the invitation above. I included a card that said Words of Wisdom on one side, and if you read the invite, will see that I asked that they share their greatest wisdom.

I put those quotes into a Powerpoint (okay -- this was a LONG time ago) and played it through the night on my huge flatscreen TV which I was quite proud of as it had been my gift to myself after my divorce. Back in the day, a television like that took two strong men to lift it and was a ridiculous amount of money. I had a hard time parting with it even years later. Okay, back to the story . . . . 


It was cocktails in the courtyard and finger foods. (Side note: Cocktails in the Courtyard sounds like a good name for a party.) The giveaway was something that supported women on welfare who were going back to work and it was tied with shoestrings that had the pink breast cancer symbol - all very cute. 

Music was piped in and there was only one toast - me thanking them. Other than that, it was magical because of the people..

Here is what I never expected from this party: that my friends would become friends.

Of course, some already knew each other and I knew everyone would more or less get along. Sort of like a wedding when everyone knows the bride and groom, right?

But it was more than that.

The magic is the people.
— Kimberly Sundt

If not for the introductions that night, many of those women would never have crossed each other's paths. And they already had so much in common, but would have never known. That was the best part.

They were from every background, every race, every sort of job or no job. But, they had a few of things in common:
They were good people. 
They were real.
They cared about me. 

Often, we just want to spend time with those who are closest to us. It's heavenly.

But think about bringing together a group who has you in common. Your gift to them may be new relationships with people they never would have noticed or found on their own.

Your gift to them may be new relationships with people they never would have noticed or found on their own.

Happy Valentine's and Galentine's Days! 


ps (perspective shift) When you need to bring a group together who seemingly have nothing in common, find that thing that they do. They must. Otherwise, why are you asking them to come together?