Marketing and guests experience for boutique hotels.

What is a solution session?

It’s a one-hour call where we talk about your business and find some answers to your problems.

It’s casual, fun, fast-paced and leaves you with original ideas, creative solutions and new perspective.

It’s a chance for you to talk through whatever things are making you nuts and find some new ways to address them.

$250 for the one-hour call

 Some of the topics/questions others have discussed on Solutions Session calls:

  • My marketing is okay, but I’m not sure it’s as strong as it could be - can we just talk through it?

  • I struggle with creative promotions and packages. Help!

  • The digital marketing world is making me nuts - should I be on all social media platforms? How do I do SEO? Do my customers really want emails from me?

  • Any suggestions on getting my staff to live the brand better?

  • How can I make my hotel more visible?

  • My website and social media are a mess. Can you help?

  • Do you have any ideas for partnering with my community?

  • Is there an easier way to create my blog? Can you help me brainstorm topics?

  • I simply can’t do it all. Can we just talk? (seriously - this has happened more than once, but we always get some good business chat in there!)

  • What do you mean by creating better experiences throughout every touchpoint?

  • I need to do a new photoshoot - what do I need to know to make sure I get my money’s worth?

  • and so many more!


 Excited? Already have a list of topics?
Here are the next steps:


STEP 1 | Sign up for a one-hour call below and after you choose a time, a form will pop up with a few questions so that our hour together will be a valuable for you as possible. It will ask of your website, how long you have been in business, your hotel background, goals, etc.

STEP 3 | Then, it will ask for your payment info.

STEP 3 | You’ll receive and email call-in information and we will hop on Zoom at the scheduled time, and we’re off! You can also choose just to have the call on the phone.