creative customer experiences + branding

With an intentional mix of inspiration and tactical takeaways, branding, marketing, customer experience and hospitality are woven through most of these presentations or workshops. Every presentation is completely customized for your audience and we will identify the best mix of topics and style to ensure your attendees feel like the presentation had value for them. 

Kimberly's speeches and workshops have been described as "inspiring," "full of actionable tips," "so many new ideas," and "wickedly good."

Serving on panels for topics such as Getting Press for Your Company and Creating The Perfect Hotel Package and Creating Designer Showhouses, Kimberly focuses on businesses with a hospitality focus and women’s groups. 


"Creating a Branded Customer Experience - Where to Begin?"

"What it Means to Connect the Dots for Your Customers"

"Pineapple Ponderings: Thoughts on Hospitality"

"Parties Are More Than Pretty Posts"

"P.S. - Perspective Shifts: Mini-Mindset Makeovers"