Marketing and guests experience for boutique hotels.

“How do I get more people to know about me? Talk about my business?

My goal is to be your go-to source for strategy, solutions and inspiration and new ideas.

My background?
From corporate to freelancer to business owner.
Hospitality - hotels, restaurants, saps, golf courses.
Interior design with hundreds of the best designers in the Southeast (but I’m not a designer - let’s make that clear!)
Lots of retail
Strategy and production for too many events!
I’ve managed outrageous projects that had no framework. I’ve worked with luxury brands and tiny, boutique properties. I’ve rebranded and relaunched and have a love of travel, shopping and sailing.

Boutique businesses are my happy place. And when I meet a woman who has found the guts and the drive to do her own thing? I consider it an honor to support her.

Anyway, all of this means I’m able to look at your business from several perspectives: marketing, operations, design, employee, and guest.

Until recently, I produced luxury designer showhouses. At the time, I wasn’t sure where this was going to fit into my marketing world, but understanding design and architecture makes such a difference. Your spaces matter and they must be that elusive combination of form and function. They need to do their jobs, but also should evoke emotion. And now in hindsight, time spent with some of the best design talents in the southeast was the BEST training for branding and guest experience.

But even if we aren’t officially working together, let me know what you need. Where do you need new ideas? What’s making you nuts? What are the biggest problems? I’ll do my best to create a course or a blog post that provides some solutions.

If you’re wondering how I can really help you lead your business forward but aren’t sure what that looks like, schedule a (no pressure) 20 minute call. At the very least, you’ll hear a new perspective on your business. And, I love hearing what hospitality folks are up to, so, I’ll enjoy the conversation no matter what!