Marketing and guests experience for boutique hotels.

I work to be a source of strategy and inspiration for boutique hotels and inns who want to have the best small hotel in town. The place where the locals would stay if they came to town. The place that your guests are thrilled to talk about, but sort of want to keep to themselves.

Small hotels are my happy place - seriously. When I travel, I become a better version of me. Both the place and the property have the power of transformation.

Wouldn’t you love your guests to experience this?

My hospitality background runs from front desk to general manager. I’ve been in-house, corporate, consultant, and on the agency side in PR and advertising. I’ve worked with high-end luxury brands and tiny, boutique properties. I’ve rebranded and relaunched, run the spas and the restaurants.

And it was HARD WORK (see that glass of wine in that photo?!? Yep.)

I did so many things in the hospitality industry in so many different ways that I can see what you are trying to do from many different perspectives, including your guest perspective.

So, even if we aren’t working together 1:1, let me know what you need. What’s making you nuts? Where do you need new ideas? What are the biggest problems with your property? I’ll do my best to create a course or a post that provides some solutions.

For several years, I produced luxury designer showhouses. Now at the time, I wasn’t sure where this was going to fit in, but understanding design and architecture makes such a difference when working with hotels. Your spaces matter so much and they must evoke emotion and now I not only do this from the heart, but understand what style elements matter.

Let’s see - anything else you might want to know? I live in Atlanta, and love working with properties in the southeast. Oh, and shopping and sailing and books.

If you’re wondering how I can really help you as your lead your boutique property forward but aren’t sure what that looks like, schedule a (no pressure) 20 minute call. At the very least, you will hear a new perspective on your business. And, I love hearing what boutique hotel folks are up to, so just click below and let’s talk soon!