creative customer experiences + branding
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Ten years ago I realized that when I partnered with a business for a short time, I was much more quickly able to help owners and marketers better define their brands, create change and connect the dots for their customers. Oh, I loved my corporate days, but I do think that was all training for what I do now.

I am one of those who actually loves marketing. But I think that marketing today needs to be created through the customer lens.

There is such delight in being that customer who is surprised, sees something new, is able to see something - maybe herself - in a different way because of the shop or the hotel or that piece of art, or that dinner. Don't you want to help your customers feel something?

YOU CAN DO THIS. Your boutique business offers a valued service, a custom product, or spectacular events. It's all good, but is your brand living in the experiences that your customers have? 

Oh, and the other stuff about me (since you came to this page, you may want to know). I worked for over 25 years in the hospitality, design and event industries. I live in Atlanta but really want to be living on the water. I love to travel and shop and entertain.

If you’re thinking working together might be a good idea, but aren’t sure what that looks like, schedule a (no pressure) 20 minute call. At the very least, you will hear a new perspective on your business. And, I love hearing what boutique business owners are up to, so hope to talk soon!