creative customer experiences + branding
I teach small business owners how to create better customer experiences. My clients have customer experience at the top of their core values lists.
— Kimberly Sundt

how do you make sure...

... that your customers are your best marketing tool, and they can't help but talk about their experiences with you?

... that from your customers' first interaction, your brand is living and breathing throughout all touchpoints?

... that you are on-brand and know how to bring your brand to life?

... that the guests at your event not only have a great time, but also feel the magic?


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By infusing businesses, events and moments with soul - discovering the details and experiences that evoke emotion.

By intentionally affecting the way your customers feel, you will grow customer chatter and build stronger relationships. This then brings your brand to life throughout all areas of your business.

Your brand has a personality and this personality must be consistent and shine in all areas - within your walls or service points, in the community, on social media, and most importantly . . . . in the minds of your customers.

Connecting the dots for your customers. 

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