Finding Hospitality Experiences Along The Way

Aren't you curious what is down that little alley?

Aren't you curious what is down that little alley?

My strongest and most creative inspiration appears when I travel - whether to a new spot filled with possibilities or to an old haunt filled with memories. No matter which, I seem to always find new ideas, energy, and perspective. Travel and hospitality are often served together on the same plate, and when I feel welcomed, everything seems more positive. 
It is such a gift to be allowed, and to allow oneself, to absorb the vibes and dynamics of something outside of our own culture, our worlds, our hometowns. If we can either allow or teach ourselves to notice the details and feel the personality, then it is so interesting what it does to our own perception and to our minds. I also love nesting at home, but that’s a different area of this blog! 

So fitting that this first post is being written during a quick biz/personal trip to NYC. Ten years ago - 2007 -  I was living in New York with a normal job, paying my crazy rent, going to sample sales, eating out way too much and being both energized and exhausted by the City. While there, I had an opportunity to go out on my own and work for myself. And now, I am starting a brand new chapter of working for myself. I love that I am relaunching exactly ten years later (ummmmm - would have been okay if it had been only one year later) and that New York is a part of it. 

I hope to find and share with you hotels, shops and restaurants across the globe that create wonderful experiences and make me feel fortunate that I came upon them. I’ll show you the secret spots I love to find (don't  you just love a hidden alley and what you find when wandering down?) and highlight the best hospitality I am lucky enough to experience. See you on the road!